Parker 5th GT

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Parker Ingenuity Large Classic Black Gold Trim (GT) 5th 

Imagine if your pen intelligently adapted to your unique writing style. The Parker Ingenuity Collection of fine writing pens with 5th technology does just that, providing smooth-gliding ink that flows silkily onto the page with each stroke of your hand and adjusts—mid stroke—to cater to your specific handwriting techniques. Combining the luxurious style of a fountain pen with the simplicity of a rollerball pen, 5th technology pens utilize a flexible tip that interacts with a metal hood to make sure each mark is sharp, precise and fluid. A fiber tip and bevy of rapid-drying ink colors create smudge-free penmanship that allows for a flawless transition between each line. A revolutionary design combined with quality materials and high-end finishes ensures that you have a writing tool that’s luxury-oriented yet affordable.

Product description

The Ingenuity range offers a wide variety of graceful designs, giving you a smooth and flowing writing experience. The writing comfort of a fountain pen with the spontaneity and simplicity of a ball pen. Innovative 5th technology combines the best aspects of fountain and roller pens and adjusts intuitively to your writing style in just a few words. Combines flexible tip and metal hood for an exceptionally smooth and fluid writing experience, with intense and sharp rendering. Limited warranty guarantees product for 2 years from date of original purchase against defects in materials or workmanship.

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