Pilot Eraserble Pen

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Pilot FriXion Ball 0.7mm Erasable Gel Pens, Fine Point

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FriXion writes smoothly just like a regular gel ink pen but allows you to erase like a pencil at any time. Unlimited do-overs allow you to write, erase, and re-write repeatedly without damaging your documents. The eraser tip won't wear down or leave crumbs behind. With FriXion, no one will know it wasn't perfect the first time.FriXion's smooth, mistake-free writing benefits teachers, parents, and professionals alike.FriXion erasable gel ink pens are available in a variety of colorful inks andpoint sizes that are great for making lists and staying organized.Complete Sudoku and crossword puzzles without a mistake or a hole in the paper.Keep calendars neat, even when appointments change. Students can use FriXion to take notes, edit papers,and complete homework

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